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      The Copyright Artwork, Trademarks, Logos and Graphics the artwork appearing on David Dunleavy Art, LLC internet websites are registered Trademarks® and Copyright© intellectual property of David Dunleavy. No license or rights is granted by implication, estoppel or any other means to use and Trademark or Copyright image appearing on David Dunleavy Art, LLC internet websites. 

      If you are unsure whether a trademark, logo or graphic is the property of David Dunleavy® Save The Locals® Dive Life®, My Yak®, Blackfish Outfitters©, Cast Addict© or if you have any questions about the use of David Dunleavy® Trademarks/Copyrights please contact us at 

      David Dunleavy Art and Dunleavy Deco Designs was first created and established in 1992. David Dunleavy pioneered a full line of Dunleavy Deco Designs and Realistic Designs for Apparel distribution internationally dating back to 1992. All David Dunleavy Art/Dunleavy Deco Designs, Brands are copyrighted ©, registered with the United States Copyright Office and the United States Trademark Office. David Dunleavy Art is protected internationally by the Berne Convention.   

      David Dunleavy® Dive Life®, My Yak®, Blackfish Outfitters©, Cast Addict© vigilantly enforces its intellectual property rights and will actively seek the recovery of any costs and damages it may incur preventing the misuse or misappropriation of its property.  We actively police our Trademarks and Copyright Art/Designs.