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      David Dunleavy
      Establish 1992

      David’s story begins on the southern coast of New Jersey where as a young boy he and his parents spent many hours boating and fishing with his family. The first fish he caught was a summer flounder while fishing under the Cape May bridge and that experience changed this little boy forever. Growing up in a coastal setting he knew his life would be focused on the ocean and all the natural wonders our waterways has to offer.

      Today the David Dunleavy we all know is the artist who designs dynamic T-shirts designs, Dunleavy Deco Designs for apparel and paints SeaLife Murals which are seen by millions of people worldwide. His Art and Apparel line is distributed to hundreds of thousands of fisherman, captains, boaters, kayakers, scuba divers, snorkelers, dive-masters, spear-fisherman and ocean lovers.

      Dunleavy’s passion from an early age has always been the ocean. David’s been fishing, diving, boating, exploring and creating SeaLife Art since the age of five. He is a combination of artist, angler, diver and explorer, he is a true watermen. David is deeply devoted to his family, fur babies as a the dog father and his love of all things ocean and waterways.