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      Limited Edition Giclee

      David Dunleavy Dolphin Art

      About David Dunleavy Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclee. Giclee (pronounced “zhee-clay”) is a invented french word meaning to “spray”. Dunleavy Original Art is first professionally scanned on a flat bed scanner, no digital cameras are used. With a direct scan, Dunleavy Giclee art productions are the first generation from the original. Giclee Canvas prints are made from dyes with up to 30 times more longevity than their traditional counterparts. Dunleavy Canvas Giclees are Museum Quality Gallery Wrapped, Ready to hang with no Frames needed. Each print is hand signed by the Artist in Limited Editions of 250. 

      Shark Fest - Dunleavyapparel Shark Fest - Dunleavyapparel
      From $450.00
      Rivers Edge - Dunleavyapparel Rivers Edge - Dunleavyapparel
      From $450.00
      Triptych # 1 - Dunleavyapparel Triptych # 1 - Dunleavyapparel
      David Dunleavy Angles of the Sea Painting David Dunleavy Angles of the Sea Painting
      From $675.00
      Mystic Islands - Dunleavyapparel Mystic Islands - Dunleavyapparel
      From $450.00
      Kissing Dolphins - Dunleavyapparel Kissing Dolphins - Dunleavyapparel
      From $450.00
      Paradise - Dunleavyapparel Paradise - Dunleavyapparel
      From $450.00
      Galapagos Sea Lions - Dunleavyapparel Galapagos Sea Lions - Dunleavyapparel
      From $450.00
      To the Caves - Dunleavyapparel To the Caves - Dunleavyapparel
      From $450.00
      Sounding - Dunleavyapparel Sounding - Dunleavyapparel
      From $450.00
      Manatees - Dunleavyapparel Manatees - Dunleavyapparel
      From $450.00